What Are Some Non-Invasive Options for Facial Rejuvenation?

Surgical procedures like a facelift or brow lift are great for rejuvenating the face, but there are also non-surgical and less invasive treatments available. Whether you’re seeking surgery or hoping to avoid downtime and incisions with a non-surgical option, MAE Plastic Surgery has rejuvenating treatments for every situation.

Keep reading to learn more about some of our most popular non-surgical and non-invasive treatments for the face.


Pamper your skin and reap the beautiful benefits. A facial is a luxurious and relaxing treatment that also helps to enhance the skin’s natural beauty.

Facials offer many benefits to the skin, including:

  • Increased blood flow and circulation
  • Manual extraction of blemishes
  • A deep clean
  • Personalized skincare advice

While a facial won’t wipe all your wrinkles away, regular treatment can dramatically improve the health and appearance of your skin over time. And don’t forget how good a facial feels. Our patients tell us their monthly facials are essential for stress relief and mental health. You deserve a little you-time.


Sun damage can be difficult to treat with surgery. Non-surgical options can be more effective for removing dark spots and hyperpigmentation from the skin. We often recommend Lumecca IPL for patients struggling with sun damage and vascular skin conditions like rosacea and spider veins.

IPL treatments are non-surgical and non-invasive. Intense light targets damaged skin, heating the cells to remove them. Many patients see significant improvements after a single treatment and optimal results after a series of treatments.


Take your facial and turn it up a notch or two with the powerful and transformative Hydrafacial. This multi-step treatment combines hydradermabrasion, chemical peels, pore extractions, and healing skin serums to provide the skin with a deeply cleansing and nourishing rejuvenation.

What can the Hydrafacial do for your skin? Our patients report improvement in a variety of skin concerns, including:

  • Aging skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Skin texture
  • Brown spots
  • Large pores
  • Oily skin
  • Breakouts

As the skin recovers quickly after a Hydrafacial, this treatment can be performed before a big event without worry about long-term redness or irritation.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peels use a chemical solution to loosen the bonds between skin cells and remove layers of skin.

While deep peels can be invasive, a light chemical peel is not. A light peel can gently exfoliate the skin to reveal fresh, new skin and address mild skin concerns like dullness or uneven skin tone. When chemical peels are performed regularly, patients notice persistent improvements in the appearance and quality of the skin.

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