Top Reasons Why Women Opt for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation has been the top cosmetic surgical procedure every year since 2006. Why is this procedure so popular? Why do women choose breast augmentation? We’ll explore some of the top reasons why our patients come to us for breast augmentation below. If you’re ready to enhance your own breasts, call our offices to schedule your consultation with Dr. Epstein or Dr. Krochmal.

Reason #1: I Want Bigger Breasts

Are your breasts naturally small? Many women wish for a larger cup size and breast augmentation is the solution. Saline or silicone implants are placed into the breast, adding volume and increasing breast size. Breast implants can take A cup breasts to B or C cup size easily. Some women choose to go even larger. We can perform breast augmentation on women of almost any natural breast size. We’ll discuss your desired breast size during your consultation and help you choose implants that will achieve your ideal look. A little size increase or a big one, we can help you find the perfect fit.

If your ideal breasts are larger than your current ones, come see us to learn more about breast augmentation. Breast implants can increase your breast size, help clothing to fit better, and help you to feel more confident in and out of clothing.

Reason #2: I Lost Breast Volume After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Breast size fluctuates throughout life. Many women notice a dramatic decrease in breast size after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is one reason why we often include breast augmentation as part of a mommy makeover. Once a woman is finished bearing children, a mommy makeover can help her get her body back. A mommy makeover combines surgical procedures like breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction to restore the body after pregnancy. We can perform breast augmentation alone to restore breast volume after pregnancy or can add breast surgery to your mommy makeover for a total body transformation.

Reason #3: I Have Breast Asymmetry

Some breast asymmetry is normal, but if there is a dramatic difference between the size of your two breasts, come see us. Basically, if your asymmetry bothers you, it is a problem. Often, breast asymmetry can be corrected using breast implants. There are a few different options available for correcting asymmetry that we’ll discuss during your consultation. Minor size differences can be corrected with saline implants, filling one implant with less saline than the other. Differently sized implants can correct some cases of asymmetry. We may also recommend pairing implants with breast reduction techniques in cases of severe asymmetry.

Reason #4: I Want to Enhance My Breast Shape

Do you want to change the shape of your breasts? Implants can enhance breast shape, restoring upper pole fullness and increasing cleavage. Breast augmentation can also help improve the appearance of many breast deformities like tuberous breasts. To ensure a perfect shape for your new breasts, there are many different size, shape, and projection options for breast implants. We’ll discuss your options during your consultation.

Reason #5: My Breasts Are Smaller After Weight Loss

Losing weight is great for your health, but not so great for your breast appearance. Many women find their breasts are smaller and deflated after weight loss and want to restore their breasts to their pre-weight loss size and appearance. Breast augmentation may be the solution. By placing an implant into the breast, we can restore volume and increase breast size. We can pair breast implants with a breast lift to remove any excess skin and to reshape the breasts after weight loss. Lose weight, but keep your breasts looking their best!

Reason #6: I Want to Feel Sexy Again

Aging, pregnancy, and weight loss can change your breasts and how you feel about your body. Could breast augmentation help you feel sexy and confident about your body again? Many women choose breast augmentation to restore body confidence after life takes its toll on their appearance. Remember, choose breast surgery because YOU want it, not because someone else thinks that you need it. You deserve to feel sexy and beautiful at every stage of your life.

Why are you considering breast augmentation? Find out if breast implants are right for you by scheduling a one-on-one consultation at MAE Plastic Surgery. Call today to discover your best breasts.