All About the Breasts: Your Breast Surgery Options

New year, new breasts. Do you love your breasts? Whether they are too big, too droopy, or too small, we can help you create breasts that are just right. Our breast surgery options help women to feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies, both in and out of clothing. Learn more about transforming your breasts through plastic surgery below or call our offices to schedule a sit-down consultation with Dr. Epstein or Dr. Krochmal at MAE Plastic Surgery.

What Are My Options for Breast Surgery?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, come into MAE Plastic Surgery to learn more about your breast surgery options.

Breast Augmentation

 The most popular breast surgery choice in the U.S. since 2006, breast augmentation enlarges the size of the breasts. An implant is placed into the breast through an inconspicuous incision, carefully hidden to make it practically unnoticeable. The implant increases the size of the breast and enhances the breast’s shape. Implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. With implants we can help you achieve a moderate increase or a substantial one. We can also correct asymmetry and improve breast appearance. Implants are long lasting and very durable. A properly sized and carefully placed implant should feel very similar to natural breast tissue once in the breast.

Breast Lift

Breast sagging is a common complaint amongst women, especially after pregnancy or weight loss. A breast lift removes excess skin, reshapes the breasts, and repositions them to a higher position on the chest wall. This creates a more youthful, rejuvenated breast appearance. After a breast lift, your breasts will be similarly sized to your pre-lift breasts, but possibly a little smaller unless implants are also added. A breast lift is a common addition to a mommy makeover, but can also be performed on its own.

Breast Augmentation + Lift

If you don’t address breast sagging before placing implants, the sagging will worsen. For women that have moderate to severe breast sagging and want to increase breast size, a breast lift and augmentation combination may be the best option for improving breast appearance. We start with a breast lift, using the needed incisions to correct the degree of sagging. Then we place the implant into the breast through the lift incisions. By combining a breast lift and breast augmentation we can address both sagging and size through a single procedure, thus reducing downtime and the number of incisions needed.

Breast Reduction

Are your breasts too large? If you have back or neck pain, rashes, difficulty finding clothing that fits, or pain during exercise because of your large breasts, you may benefit from a breast reduction. This procedure reduces the overall size of the breast by removing skin, fat, and breast tissue. Breast reduction can dramatically improve a patient’s quality of life. Insurance may cover a portion of the cost for some women, but most patients find that the benefits of this procedure are well worth the expense.

Come in to learn more about any of these breast surgery options. Our skilled, caring, and experienced plastic surgeons can explain your options, make treatment recommendations, and help you make the breast surgery decision.

Which Breast Surgery Option Is Right for Me?

If you’re thinking about breast surgery this year, call us to schedule your consultation and get started. We’ll sit down with you and discuss your goals and options in depth. We’ll provide a thorough examination, pinpointing the areas we can improve and offering solutions for your breast concerns. A consultation is one of the best ways to explore breast surgery and determine if it is right for you. Get answers to your questions and resolve any concerns you may have. Take a quick look at the procedures below to get a quick summary of what each procedure can do.

  • Breast Augmentation – Increase breast size, correct breast asymmetry
  • Breast Lift – Correct breast sagging, rejuvenate the breasts
  • Breast Augmentation + Lift – Increase the size of the breasts and lift the breasts
  • Breast Reduction – Decrease breast size, correct breast asymmetry

Which breast surgery option seems like the best fit for you?

At MAE Plastic Surgery, we understand that women have unique needs when it comes to breast surgery. We are pleased to offer many different breast surgery options so you don’t have to compromise on your goals. Turn back the clock or pump up the volume. Whatever your breast needs, we’ll help you find a solution that fits. Are you ready to take the next step? Schedule your consultation at MAE Plastic Surgery today.