Thinking about having plastic surgery?

When choosing to have Plastic Surgery, we here, at MAE Plastic Surgery understand that this is a deeply personal decision and is not something that a prospective patient takes lightly. We also understand that when choosing to have an elective procedure to alter a body part or rejuvenate a facial feature, that there is a lot of associated anxiety that comes with this decision. Furthermore, once you have had the procedure, there is a healing process where the final outcome and benefits of that procedure may not be realized during that initial post treatment time period. Therefore it is incredibly important to make sure that you are surrounded by supportive influences and not people that will judge you negatively for undertaking such an important step to improve something that has been bothering you so much or for so long.

So, the first suggestion I would make is to choose those people that you are sharing this information with wisely. Try to select those individuals in your life that will be there to give you emotional and physical support.

Stay away from those that you know or suspect will judge you harshly for taking this step.

When you tell people, try to let them know why you are going through with Plastic Surgery. In other words, let them know your reasons for considering this in the first place.

Try to educate those you are sharing this with in the same manner that your Plastic Surgeon should be educating you about the perceived benefits and possible risks.

Understand that you do not have to tell everyone, or anyone for that matter, but be prepared to be able to respond to those that you have not told but figure it out on their own. When those people confront you, you should have a response that you are readily comfortable with. For example, “Yes, I did have my eyelids done because they were making me look older than I feel on the inside” or “You are right, I did have a breast enhancement operation because I had been so self-conscious about how clothing fit me” and you might even want to add, “this was a deeply personal decision for me to make and I would greatly appreciate it if you would respect my privacy by keeping this to yourself.” Often times, by being positive and self-assured with your response will automatically squelch any potential negative comments that they might make or are tempted to pass on.

Here, at MAE Plastic Surgery, we provide a letter that I have written that is included in your preoperative packet of information that a patient could pass on to any relatives or friends that you are confiding in.