The Beauty of Fat Grafting With a Facelift: Moving Fat from Where We Don’t Need It To Where We Do!

A facelift can create an amazing transformation, but it does have some limitations. Sure, it can do an excellent job of reducing sagging skin and wrinkles, but unfortunately, it doesn’t address the volume loss that naturally occurs in all of us over time. That’s why plastic surgeons, including myself, have been utilizing fat grafting as a common part of a facial rejuvenation procedure.

What is fat grafting?

The fat grafting procedure transfers excess fat from where you don’t need it to where you do. Most of us have an abundance of fat in certain areas like the thighs, the abdomen, or buttocks. During the fat grafting process, liposuction is used to remove fat from one of these areas while the patient is on the operating room table. The fat which is harvested is then prepared by extracting the highest quality cells for transfer.  A small blunt tip needle (cannula) is then used to inject the fat into facial areas where volume is depleted.

What are its advantages?

  • It’s effectiveness on problem areas. It can be used to address hollowness under your cheeks or near your temples and can even be used to help reshape and re-define a sagging jawline.
  • It lasts a long time – sometimes permanently. Fat grafting results can often be very long term to permanent. I tell patients that the volume that you see restored 4-6 months after the procedure will be there 4-6 years after the procedure.  One must remember that the aging process doesn’t stop, unless you do, so volume loss will continue.
  • It’s safe. Because we’re using fat from your own body, you won’t have an allergic reaction.  There are rare cases of intra-arterial injection and these can be problematic. This can happen with injectable plumping agents as well.  That is why it is so important to have procedures like this done by experienced, highly credentialed, injectors.
  • The results are often impressive and natural-looking. No foreign or synthetic material is used, so results can look very natural. Your face will have a fuller, more youthful appearance!

Fat grafting can be a perfect complement to a face lift. If you’re interested in learning more about this procedure and how it can enhance a facelift, I’d be happy to meet with you to discuss your particular goals.