The Answer to Your ‘Plastic surgery body contouring after weight loss’ Search

I’m happy to say that I can answer that Google query.

First of all, and most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS! To commit to losing weight in order to get back towards a healthier body shape, and going through with it, is commendable. Diet and exercise take tremendous time, dedication, effort, and resolve. Undergoing surgery, with all of the potential risks takes courage. You’ve done it.

But now you may be looking in the mirror and not liking what you see. When you were overweight, you likely pictured what your body would be after weight loss. Thin, healthy, wearing bathing suits and clothes that complemented (as opposed to hid) your shape. And then the weight loss happened. And now you’re looking in the mirror and may see extra sagging skin or areas that just look deflated and aged. This is not the body you imagined before your journey.

To paraphrase the founding surgeons of our specialty, plastic surgery involves restoring and/or improving form and function. In my own words, plastic surgery involves helping patients to achieve happier lives that are more easily lived. That’s what I like to do, and body contouring after weight loss does exactly that. This may be a very terrible thing to say to somebody that is on a weight loss journey, but the phrase is common and is easily understood: body contouring after weight loss is the “icing on the cake”. I hope I got a chuckle from that one. If I didn’t, I’d like to remind you that I’m a surgeon and not a comedian.

You may have extra skin in your torso and extremities — we can remove the excess skin from your tummy that hangs over your jeans, your upper back to get rid of those back folds that hang over your bra, your lower back, your thighs, your arms. You may have deflated, sagging breasts — we can do a breast lift, and place implants to make them fuller and round (and sometimes rearrange your breast tissue to create fullness without needing an implant in certain cases). Your butt may be flatter than my voice when singing karaoke (very flat) – we can place implants, or use your own tissue in the area to create fullness without the need for an actual implant. Your face may appear sunken-in – we can use fillers or fat grafting to restore volume and youthfulness.

Are there scars? Yes. But these scars are typically very well hidden, and are far less noticeable than the extra hanging skin that you and other people are seeing. It’s a trade for sure, but in my opinion, it’s a very good trade.

Before a procedure, we would just want to make sure that you have been at a stable weight (so we don’t operate and then have the area we operate on change too much), and are nutritionally ready to undergo surgery, as we need to make sure you have the ability to go through surgery and heal properly.

If there is an area of your body that you don’t like after your weight loss, I’m happy to assist in any way I can, and answer any questions during a one-on-one consultation. Please feel free to call and schedule a consultation. You’ve been on your journey, and I hope to see you soon and help you arrive at your destination!