The 5 Signs of Aging in the Eyelids and When an Eyelid Lift is Appropriate

The eye area is very susceptible to early aging and sun damage. The eye area is also very expressive and is prone to expression lines and wrinkles.

A skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Michael A. Epstein can treat aging around the eyes using both surgical and non-surgical interventions. Could you benefit from eyelid surgery?

Signs of Aging Around the Eyes (and What to Do About Them)

If you’re experiencing signs of aging around your eyes, a procedure like an eyelid lift may help to restore a more youthful appearance. Look in the mirror and see if you spot any of these five signs of eyelid aging.

  • Skin Discoloration – Dark spots and pigmentation changes are signs of sun damage. These spots often appear on the cheeks, just under the eyes. If you have dark spots, it is a sign you need to use more sunscreen. Ideally, you should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day. Treat dark spots that have already occurred with a laser treatment at MAE Plastic Surgery’s medspa.
  • Expression Lines Around the Eyes – Every time you squint, smile, or scowl, the muscles around the eyes contract, pushing and pulling on the skin. Over time these facial expressions create wrinkles. Crow’s feet, parallel 11 lines between the brows, and forehead creases are examples of these expression lines. BOTOX® is a highly effective treatment option for dynamic wrinkles, the type of wrinkle created by facial expression. BOTOX® can relax these lines and smooth the skin around the eyes.
  • Heavy upper eyelid – extra skin of the upper eyelids is another common sign of age related changes to the eyes. This extra skin can be as a result of a true excess which is best treated by an upper eyelid lift or blepharoplasty.  The extra skin you see on your upper lids may be a pseudo-excess of skin that is caused by sagging and the weight of the forehead pushing downward.  This is best treated by a forehead lift.
  • Bags Under the Eyes – Bags under the eyes are caused by loosening skin and excess fat deposits under the eyes. One of the best ways to treat bags under the eyes is through a lower eyelid lift, also called lower eyelid blepharoplasty. During this procedure, Dr. Epstein removes excess fat and tightens the skin under the eyes.
  • Crepey Skin – Thinning skin on the eyelids and under the eyes creates fine lines and wrinkles. The best treatment option for crepey skin depends on the cause. If loose skin is the primary problem, an eyelid lift can remove extra skin and tighten the appearance of the eyelids. Thinning skin can be treated with a chemical peel or laser. Dr. Epstein can recommend the most effective options for your situation after examining your eyelids.
  • Tear Trough Lines – Tear trough lines are deep creases that form under the eyes. If a patient has tight skin, dermal fillers can effectively fill in these lines and smooth out the lower eyelid. Patients with skin laxity can benefit from blepharoplasty to remove excess skin and create a smoother under-eye appearance.

Which Treatment Option Is Best for Me?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your eyes due to age-related changes, we recommend scheduling a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Epstein. Eyelid aging related issues are very complex and not always obvious as to what the underlying problem may be.  Dr. Epstein is excellent at helping you understand and diagnosing the problem.  There are many treatment options available, including non-surgical and less invasive treatment options.

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