Rhinoplasty After Effects: The Surprising Side Benefits of Rhinoplasty

You’re likely considering rhinoplasty for the change in your appearance, but that isn’t the only benefit that rhinoplasty brings. Many of our patients discover that rhinoplasty provides some unexpected side benefits in addition to the expected cosmetic transformation. Let’s take a look at a few of the other benefits you may enjoy after a rhinoplasty procedure.

Improved Breathing

Dr. Epstein treats every rhinoplasty as a functional rhinoplasty. Your primary reason for surgery may be cosmetic, but as he performs your surgery, he’ll careful monitor and improve your airway as needed. This leads to better breathing for many patients. You may not even realize you have a breathing problem until you come in for your consultation or see improvements after surgery.

Less Snoring

You may find that you sleep better after rhinoplasty. This treatment has been used as an alternative treatment to sleep apnea for some patients. Obstructed airways can also cause snoring and other sleep difficulties. During rhinoplasty, we treat and improve the airway, improving sleep quality for many rhinoplasty patients after surgery.

Fewer Headaches

Airway obstructions are a common cause of reoccurring headaches. By treating nasal obstructions like enlarged turbinates or a deviated septum, we can improve your ability to breathe. This often leads to fewer headaches, another surprising benefit of rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty may also lead to fewer nasal allergies, less frequent sinus infections, and fewer nosebleeds

Boost in Confidence

Are you embarrassed by your nose? Rhinoplasty provides a big boost in confidence for many patients. Men and women that have dreaded taking pictures find themselves jumping in front of the camera. Other patients report that they feel more confident and that this confidence leads to positive results in the workplace and with relationships. When you love how you look, you feel better.
Some people opt for rhinoplasty as a response to teenage bullying. There are benefits and downsides to this option. Remember to choose rhinoplasty for you, not as a response to how other’s feel you should look. We can help you determine if rhinoplasty is the right option for you.

Look Younger

Rhinoplasty isn’t considered an anti-aging treatment, but some research suggests that it may have age defying benefits. One study found that patients looked a year or two younger after rhinoplasty when comparing before and after photos. Who doesn’t love looking younger?
What benefits will you experience after your rhinoplasty? Give us a call and schedule your rhinoplasty consultation at MAE Plastic Surgery. Rhinoplasty has many benefits, some you’ve likely thought of and some you may not discover until after surgery.