Procedures You Can Combine with a Facelift

Our facelift results are stunning on their own, but many patients want to make them even better. Pairing your facelift with other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments can enhance and extend your results.

What procedures pair well with facelift surgery? Come in for a consultation to get personalized recommendations or keep reading to discover some of our most popular matchups.

Fat Grafting

Loosening skin and supportive tissues are one cause of facial aging. These changes can be corrected through facelift surgery. However, another age-related facial change is a reduction in facial volume. The fat in your cheeks and mid-face decreases and shifts as you get older.

Fat grafting can restore youthful facial volume. Fat is taken from an area with excess and transferred into the face through a specialized procedure. This fat will integrate with your facial tissues, providing long-lasting volume and a more youthful facial appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

Facelift surgery focuses its magic on the middle and lower portions of the face. So, the upper face isn’t rejuvenated during a standard facelift. Our patients who experience aging around the eyes and on the eyelids may benefit from adding eyelid surgery to their facelift.

Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty, restores a youthful appearance to the upper or lower eyelids. It can lift sagging eyelids, smooth bags under the eyes, and eliminate wrinkles and creases.

Brow Lift

Another option for rejuvenating the upper face is a brow lift. This procedure smooths the skin on the forehead and restores a refreshed and more youthful-looking brow area.

Many patients receive eyelid surgery, a brow lift, and a facelift concurrently. For the right patient, these three procedures can pair together beautifully.


Boost the collagen levels in your skin with microneedling, also called collagen induction therapy. Microneedling uses small needles to systematically puncture the skin and create a healing response. As your skin heals, new collagen will grow, improving your skin’s quality and appearance.

Microneedling can be used to delay a facelift if you’re not quite ready for surgery. Furthermore, microneedling can also enhance and extend your results after a facelift. This treatment is non-surgical and can be performed every few months to keep your skin looking brilliant.


Injectables are one of our most popular pairings with a facelift. BOTOX® and dermal fillers can restore facial volume and smooth wrinkles.

Injectables are non-surgical and require no downtime. This treatment is an easy one to pair with your facelift to keep your results at their best. We recommend follow-up injections every 3-4 months to maintain your results.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The better your skin, the better your facelift results. Laser rejuvenation smooths wrinkles, thickens the skin, and erases brown spots.

Laser rejuvenation is an effective option for keeping your skin at its best. We recommend an occasional laser treatment after facelift surgery, or on its own, for maintenance.

If you’re considering facelift surgery in Chicago, contact MAE Plastic Surgery to schedule a personalized consultation today.