Our Doctors Dispel Common Breast Augmentation Myths

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular aesthetic plastic surgery procedures done in the United States. Over the last 2 years, almost 600,000 women have chosen to improve their breast shape and self confidence with breast implants placed by Board Certified plastic surgeons. Based on clinical studies and patient referrals, breast augmentation leaves patients very satisfied with the results and in many cases increases self esteem.

In our practice, we see many women, both young and older, who desire either larger breasts to match their body proportions, or simply wish to return to the same breast size they had before pregnancies and breast feeding. In discussions with our patients, a few common myths and misconceptions seem to come up during most every consultation. So to help clear things up, below are the most common myths about breast augmentation with implants:

1. Breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years
While we’re not sure how this myth came to be so popular, it is very far from true. In fact, for most women, their implants won’t need to be replaced unless they are broken, which is unlikely to happen in the first 10 years after surgery. However, in the event of a broken implant, there typically are product warranties which cover the costs of a replacement implant. So while breast implants should not be considered “permanent”, they typically last longer than 10 years and are replaced only when broken.

2. You won’t be able to breast feed after getting breast implants
Using modern surgical techniques, the breast tissue which produced breast milk is not affected during a breast augmentation. The implant is placed under the actual breast tissue, either on top, or below the chest muscle. For this reason, breast feeding is typically possible after surgery.

3. Women who have breast implants look “fake”
We can’t speak for all women, but most of our patients simply desire to look proportional and feminine. Many are either professionals in the work place or active moms who want a natural look. Because of this, we take the time to help select an implant size and shape that is just right for each individual woman and will let her look her best.

4. You can select your implants by deciding which cup size you want.
Unfortunately, breast implants do not come in cup sizes like 32 C or 34 D. Instead, they come in a volume measurement called cc (short for cubic centimeter). It takes about 30 cc to make 1 ounce of volume. So a 360 cc implant will add about 12 ounces of volume to a breast. The cup size however, is determined by chest diameter measurements and each bra manufacturer seems to do it in a little different way. Since getting the right breast size is important, it is better to focus not so much on final cup size but rather on how much fuller you want your breasts to be. By using your own breast measurements (particularly the width of your breast), we can offer a range of implant sizes that are most appropriate for you. Then, using a special 3-dimensional imaging system, you can virtually “try on” different sized and shaped implants and see how they look on you. Our patients find that this really helps them make the right choice in determining their breast size.

5. If you want larger or fuller breasts, implants are the only option.
While most women chose breast implants to enhance their breasts, other options exists. For those who have droopy breasts and simply wish to have a more youthful breast that is higher on their chest, a breast lift may be a good choice. For those who want more fullness but don’t want breast implants, another option is to transfer fat from another body area (such as the abdomen or hips) to the breast. The best way to find out which option is best for you is to discuss this in person with a Board Certified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with aesthetic breast surgery.

To learn more about breast enhancement with implants or fat transfer, or about other breast surgery, consider making an appointment with Dr. Epstein or Dr. Gutowski, both of whom can explain more about your options and will work with you to make the best choice. Click here to see results of our breast surgery procedures.