Aging of the Upper Eyelids

I often have patients come in to the office that complain about hanging skin of the upper eyelids and they end up not having a problem with their eyelids at all.

The condition of extra hanging skin and fat of the eyelids is called blepharocholasis and the treatment is a surgical procedure, called blepharoplasty.  I will often see patients that think they have a real  excess of skin on their upper eyelids and actually these people have a pseudo-excess of skin that is created by sagging (ptosis) of their foreheads and/or eyebrows.  Because the forehead and upper eyelids are so closely linked anatomically, when the brow descends, this can give the appearance of extra upper eyelid skin, when in fact, there is very little or no excess eyelid skin at all.  The best treatment for this patient would therefore be a brow lift, and not surgery on their upper eyelids.

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