Mommy Makeover Infographic

The Mommy Makeover is a customized combination of plastic surgery procedures that help mothers rediscover the beauty of their bodies after the effects of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. MAE Plastic Surgery created an infographic that outlines popular procedures associated with Mommy Makeover.

These common procedures include:

Breast Augmentation – Restores breast size which may have been lost.
Breast Lift – Raises sagging breasts to a natural position.
Tummy Tuck – Tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess fat.
Liposuction – Removes fat deposits in specific areas for body contouring.
Butt Augmentation – Increases the size and restores the shape of the buttocks.
Labiaplasty – Removes uncomfortable, loose skin or fat in the public area.

Combining procedures into a Mommy Makeover not only saves time, but can often be much more cost efficient. For more information on the Mommy Makeover procedure, contact MAE Plastic Surgery today.