Living Authentically and Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin

The news of Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation, and her appearance on July’s cover of Vanity Fair, has been sweeping the country for the past few weeks. In fact, the medical team responsible for her surgeries was recently revealed.

From a technical aspect, the surgeries that Caitlyn has likely undergone are extensive and on the forefront of advances in cosmetic surgery techniques. The facial feminization surgery was reportedly ten hours long. In this article, Dr. Spiegel discusses which facial features are typically used to determine gender, including facial shape and bone structure, eyebrow position, and hair pattern. Caitlyn has also undergone body shaping surgery and breast augmentation.

The outpouring of support for Caitlyn Jenner has been heartwarming to see. I have dedicated my career to helping individuals feel comfortable in their own skin through cosmetic procedures.

It’s wonderful that Caitlyn is finally able to live her life feeling so confident in her looks, and knowing that these looks reflect how she truly sees herself.

I commend Caitlyn for her bravery in living her life so authentically and for allowing the public to share in her journey. I also applaud her surgical team for their professionalism and skill.