What Are My Limitations After a Rhinoplasty Procedure?

You’re going to love your new look after rhinoplasty, but before you get there, you’ll need to go through recovery. This process does take time and will limit what you can do for the first several weeks after surgery. Stick to your recovery instructions and give yourself the time you need to fully heal from your procedure. Your new nose will be worth it!

Right After Rhinoplasty- Rest, Rest, Rest

Shortly after your rhinoplasty you’ll return home to recover. Our best advice for this time is to get lots and lots of rest. You’ll need someone with you to make sure you’re okay and to help you during the early days of your recovery. Get lots of sleep (with your head elevated), take your medications as directed, and take it easy.

During the first 24 hours you may experience some nasal bleeding. This is normal and will typically resolve in a day or two. You may also have congestion and stuffiness. Pain is typically minimal and is controlled with oral pain medications.

The First Week- Take it Easy

You’ll have the most restrictions the first week after your rhinoplasty. Give it time. Soon you’ll be back to doing all the things you love. Most patients are able to perform routine activities after just a few days. You’ll wear a splint the entire first week to hold your nose in place while you heal.

During this time make sure you avoid strenuous activities and exercise. Gentle walking encourages good circulation and can help with the recovery process.

Things to Avoid After Rhinoplasty

During recovery you’ll need to avoid certain activities to ensure proper healing. We’ll give you all the details after your surgery, but here are a few important limitations you should definitely stick to during the recovery process.

  • Don’t Smoke– Smoking constricts blood flow and can inhibit proper healing. Stop smoking several weeks before surgery and avoid smoking for several weeks after.
  • Don’t Wear Glasses or Sunglasses– Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses if they’ll need to rest on the bridge of your nose. We can show you how to secure glasses properly if you do need to wear them.
  • Don’t Blow Your Nose– Even if you feel stuffy, avoid the temptation to blow your nose until you’ve fully healed after surgery.
  • Avoid Nasal Trauma– Be careful with your new nose and avoid activities that could result in nasal trauma. Also avoid exercise for a few weeks.
  • Stay Out of the Sun– After surgery you’ll be highly susceptible to sunburn. Stay out of the sun as much as possible and unless sun protection when you do need to be outdoors. Too much sun too soon after surgery can lead to skin discoloration, visible scarring, and other complications.

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