Is The Cost of an Implant Based on the Size?

Not in our office.  Implant costs are based on two factors, neither of which is size.  There are however, cost differences with regard to the type of implant you choose.  On the market today consumers have a choice between silicone (gel) or saline (water) implants.  Although silicone implants are typically more expensive; 99% of our patients choose them because of the more natural feel and potential long term cost effectiveness.  The other cost factor is based on the shape implant you choose.  There are two “shape” groups from which to choose.  The first group, which is less expensive, are the round implants.  These are available in different profiles (moderate, moderate plus, and high profile).  The profile that is chosen does not change the cost of the implant.  The other group of implants are the shaped implants.  Shaped implants are only available in silicone and are more expensive than the round.  They go through additional processing and the gel is more cohesive or firm.  Depending on the manufacturer of the shaped implants, they, too, can come in different heights, widths, and projections.  We review all of these implant options with each of our patients, so together, we can make a decision that will provide the optimal result.