Health Benefits of a Breast Reduction

Bigger isn’t always better as any woman with overly large breasts can tell you. If you’re struggling under the weight of heavy, uncomfortable breasts, come see us. Breast reduction surgery can reshape and resize your breasts. The procedure is truly life-changing for many women.

If you’re thinking about breast reduction, keep reading to discover some of the many health benefits of the procedure. Then give us a call and schedule your consultation so you can experience these transformative benefits for yourself. Call today!

Participate in Sports and Other Activities More Easily

Are some sports activities off limits due to your breast size? Many women with large breasts struggle to run or jump, making sports very difficult. Many avoid exercise, leading to weight gain, which can further increase breast size. Breast reduction can open up a new world of possibilities so you can finally run that mile without squeezing into three sports bras or join that women’s basketball league without worrying about finding a jersey that fits.

Alleviate Pain, Rashes, and Discomfort

Large breasts can be painful. The weight of your breasts pulling down on your bra can leave deep, painful grooves under the bra straps. Rashes often develop under the breasts. Posture problems are common and many women struggle with back and neck pain. Breast reduction surgery eliminates these symptoms for most women. Feel comfortable!

Clothing Fits Better

Women with large breasts face a difficult challenge any time they shop for clothes. Cover up too much and you look frumpy or sloppy, too little and you may appear sexier than you’d like. To accommodate your large breasts you may need to buy clothing that is several sizes too big. If it fits your breasts, it won’t fit anywhere else. Breast reduction patients often say their favorite part of the surgery is being able to actually choose clothing for themselves. Clothing is easier to find and it fits better.

Reduce Embarrassment

Do people only see your breasts, not you? Many women are embarrassed by their large breasts. They worry that their breasts overshadow their appearance and personality. We want you to love your body. If your breasts make you self-conscious, come see us.

Stop Permanent Damage

Heavy breasts can lead to permanent damage of the back and neck. By getting surgery you can alleviate pain, improve your posture, and stop damage in its tracks.

Are your breasts keeping you from your ideal life? Ask us if breast reduction can alleviate your discomfort and improve your health. Schedule your consultation at MAE Plastic Surgery to learn more.