Feeling Guilty About Elective Surgery?

Should you feel guilty about having elective plastic surgery? The simple answer would be no, but it’s not that simple.  Making a decision to undergo plastic surgery is not an easy one, and many factors come into play, specifically guilt…guilt about spending the money, guilt about changing what nature gave you, guilt about being vain, guilt about being dishonest and surgically altering a body part.  But, if you are unhappy with a certain aspect of your appearance, should you really feel guilty about wanting to improve it?  My best advice is to look in the mirror and listen to your feelings. Ask yourself how much better or more confident would you feel if you were able to surgically enhance the part of your face or body that is causing you to feel uncomfortable. If you are a healthy individual of sound mind and body, then you should be honest with yourself and base your answer on your true feelings. If you are a person with realistic expectations, choosing to enhance a body part or contour your shape can be a very positive experience. If moving forward with plastic surgery will help bring you more confidence and make you happy, then there’s no need to feel guilty. The only thing you should be feeling, is excited with the changes that are about to take place!