What to Expect with Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

There are a variety of reasons why a woman might want or need her breast implants removed and/or revised. One such reason would be implant rupture. The older the implant, the greater the chance for possible leakage or breakage. When this happens, the breast implant(s) must be removed and the patient can choose to undergo another breast augmentation or to remove the implants completely.

Another common reason for removal or revision would be shape deformity or rippling, which is the appearance of visible ridges or wrinkles in the implant that show through the skin. Rippling can develop on all parts of the breast, and may be especially visible on the top of the breast when the women leans forward.

Whatever the reason may be for implant removal or revision, my team and I will do everything possible to provide the patient with her ideal breasts shape, size and contour. Here’s what a patient can expect from implant removal and replacement surgery.

I begin by marking the areas where the new breast implant will be placed. I may also make some additional markings depending on the patient and the landmarks that are needed for ideal insertion. If possible, I may decide to use the old incisions, and will mark those sites up as well.

Once the markings are complete, the patient is prepped for surgery. My anesthesiologist and nurse are with me the entire time to ensure that the patient remains sedated and comfortable throughout the entire process.

I start by injecting the patient with a diluted local solution, both underneath the pectoralis major muscle, as well as underneath the incision sites. An incision is made underneath the breasts and the old implants are carefully removed. The same pocket is used for the placement of the new implants. With the implants in place, the incisions are closed and then covered with gauze.

Within a week, the patient returns for a follow-up so I can check to make sure that the healing process is moving along as expected. Within three weeks, most patients are cleared to resume full normal activity.

If you are unsatisfied with your breast augmentation, or if you’ve experienced a rupture or rippling, breast implant removal and revision could be an excellent solution for you.