Calf Augmentation

A calf augmentation can provide a more defined look to the calf whenever exercise alone has been ineffective. It is also an ideal procedure for correcting physical defects caused by injury or disease.  Many patients visit MAE Plastic Surgery in Chicago from the surrounding cities of Evanston and Buffalo Grove, IL for calf augmentation surgery due to extensive experience and a very personable approach.

What is a calf augmentation?

A calf augmentation involves placing an implant in the lower leg in order to make it appear more developed muscularly.  This calf implant is typically made from silicone gel and looks and feels much like normal muscular tissue in this area of the body.

How is a calf augmentation in Chicago performed?

First, sedation anesthesia will be given. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, small incisions will be placed in the natural fold of skin located on the back of the knee. Dr. Michael Epstein will then slide the calf implant into this opening, taking care to ensure it lies just over the top of the calf muscle.

After the calf implants are in place, Dr. Epstein will observe their size and position in order to determine if they are symmetrical. If not, the placement of the implants will be slightly adjusted to provide the best possible appearance. When everything is properly in place, the incision will be sewed shut, and the patient will be taken to a recovery room and observed while the anesthesia wears off.


After-Surgery Care

Activity should be limited after having calf augmentation in Chicago. Patients are generally restricted to only light activity for up to two weeks after this procedure. After that time, the amount of walking and standing can gradually be increased over the course of the next month. At around four to six weeks after surgery, most patients in Chicago are able to resume their normal activities.

Side Effects and Risks of Calf Implants

There may be some bruising and swelling present shortly after having Chicago calf augmentation. This usually goes away after a few days, and cool packs can also help to relieve discomfort. In rare cases, there may be permanent numbness or the implants may need to be removed.

Benefits of Chicago Calf Augmentation

Calf augmentation can make the upper and lower legs appear more proportionate with one another. When used to correct congenital defects, this surgery can also enhance one’s self-esteem.

Although it is a relatively new procedure, calf augmentation is becoming increasingly popular with patients in Chicago who find that their lower legs are not as defined as they would prefer.

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