Will a Lip Lift Help Show Upper Teeth When I Smile?

Many of our patients desire full and sensuous lips. No, we’re not talking about the Instagram trend of overdone “duck lips” or a “trout pout.” Natural-looking lip enhancement is possible and can help you achieve a fuller, more voluptuous lip appearance. As one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Chicago, Dr. Michael Epstein has helped countless women achieve the full and sexy lip appearance they desire.

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Will a Lip Lift Let Me Show More Teeth When I Smile?

Are you dissatisfied with how many teeth your smile reveals? Depending on your anatomy, many patients find their teeth are more visible after a lip lift. Show off your pearly whites with a lip lift at MAE Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Epstein can help you understand your expected results after an examination and consultation.

A lip lift shortens the amount of skin between the base of the nose and the top of the lip. This procedure can:

  • Extend the amount of visible pink lip
  • Shape the vermilion border
  • Increase the visibility of the upper teeth
  • Revitalize the appearance of the mid-face
  • Address age-related thinning and elongation of the upper lip
  • Lift the corners of the lips for a happier resting appearance
  • Enhance the lip line’s prominence
  • Permanently improve the lips’ shape and appearance

If you want more visibility for your teeth and a fuller, more prominent upper lip, ask Dr. Epstein if a lip lift is right for you.

Is an Upper Lip Lift My Only Option for Lip Enhancement at MAE Plastic Surgery?

If you want to enhance the appearance of your lips at MAE Plastic Surgery, you have options. Schedule a consultation with us to explore your surgical and non-surgical options for lip enhancement.

Lip augmentation with dermal fillers is an easy way to enhance the lips without surgery. Dr. Epstein and our skilled injectors use these products to add volume and improve your lips’ shape. If you love your added fullness, you’ll need periodic touch-ups to maintain your appearance.

Other options for improving your lips’ appearance include the following.

  • Fat grafting: Epstein uses a patient’s excess fat to volumize and shape the lips. The fat grafting procedure is similar to a non-surgical lip augmentation with dermal fillers but offers longer-lasting results.
  • Lip implants: For permanent results, Dr. Epstein can place silicone implants into your lips. Your enhancement will last unless you choose to have the implants removed.

MAE Plastic Surgery offers many options for lip augmentation and enhancement. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and create a treatment plan to achieve them.

Can I Pair Lip Enhancement With Other Surgical Procedures at MAE Plastic Surgery?

Surgical and non-surgical lip enhancements combine harmoniously with other procedures. For instance, ask Dr. Epstein if you can add a lip lift to your tailored facelift or rhinoplasty surgery plan. With a wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatment options, we’ll rejuvenate your face and make you look and feel your best.

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