Top 10 Beauty Tips to Stay Radiant in the Winter

Winter can tend to be a drying season, which can cause our skin and hair to become irritated. MAE Plastic Surgery created this infographic that includes the top 10 beauty tips to help you stay radiant in the winter. Follow these ten beauty tips for healthy, glowing skin all season long!

  1. Look for a moisturizer with an ingredient called ceramides to repair cracks.
  2. Use a cortisone cream for no more than two weeks to reduce inflammation.
  3. Apply sunscreen every day to prevent sun damage and facial aging in any weather.
  4. Keep lips supple by dabbing on lip balm rich in castor oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter, or olive oil.
  5. Exercise three to four times a week to promote oxygen flow and blood circulation for healthier skin and body.
  6. Use hair products that contain soy and panthenol to keep you hair shiny.
  7. Continue dermaplane and chemical peel treatments through the winter months.
  8. Wear a hat or a beanie when you go out to protect your hair from the cold wind, which could damage your hair strands.
  9. Drink lots of water every single day to hydrate your body from the inside out.
  10. Get seven to nine hours of beauty sleep each night to fight against dark circles.

For more winter beauty tips, please contact MAE Plastic Surgery.