Revision Rhinoplasty: Can You Add Volume to My Nose?

Revision rhinoplasty is a complex type of rhinoplasty performed on patients that have previous nasal surgeries. Often, revision rhinoplasty is needed when something goes wrong with an initial rhinoplasty. Perhaps the surgeon removed too much bone and tissue from the nose in an attempt to resize it. When this happens, we need to add volume back into the nose. This guide will help explain your options. Contact us and schedule a consultation for personalized advice.

What Are My Options for Adding Volume to the Nose?

If you want to restore or add volume to the nose as part of a revision rhinoplasty, you have a few options. We’ll help you choose the most appropriate treatment for your situation.

  • Dermal Fillers- The least invasive option for adding volume to the nose, dermal fillers are a simple, non-surgical option. Hyaluronic fillers can be injected into the nose. These fillers provide long lasting, but temporary volume. The procedure typically takes just a few minutes and very little downtime is needed.
  • Cartilage Grafting- Cartilage grafting is another option for increasing the volume of the nose. Cartilage is harvested from another area on your body. For revision surgeries, this cartilage typically comes from the ear or rib. In some cases, other tissues, including temporal fascia, may be used.
  • Nasal Implants- Artificial implants can be placed in the nose to add volume and structure.

Each option has pros and cons. After an examination, we’ll be able to make recommendations for your treatment.

Avoiding Revision Rhinoplasty- How to Get It Right the First Time

Revision rhinoplasty is much more complex than a primary rhinoplasty. If you need revision surgery, come see us. Dr. Epstein has extensive experience performing revision surgeries and can help you to achieve the look and function you were hoping for the first time around.

Although revision is possible, it is much better to achieve stunning rhinoplasty results from the beginning. These tips will help you avoid revision rhinoplasty and the complications that come with it.

  • Choose Your Surgeon Carefully- Choose a surgeon with a passion for rhinoplasty. Ideally, they should be board certified and a member of rhinoplasty organizations, like the Rhinoplasty Society.
  • Less Is More- Once nasal tissue has been removed, it is very difficult to restore it. When it comes to removing nasal tissue, less is more. The goal should be to bring your appearance into balance, not to create a little, cookie-cutter nose. We can help you find your ideal nose.
  • Focus on Function- Epstein performs each rhinoplasty as a functional rhinoplasty, preserving nasal structure and correcting breathing issues as they arise. With his focus on function, even with cosmetic procedures, he reduces the potential for future breathing problems.

Contact us today to schedule your revision rhinoplasty consultation.