If you have lost a substantial amount of weight from exercising, dieting or surgery, but have some excess folds of skin, sags or uneven textures left behind, this may be the perfect treatment for you. The wonderful part of Reaction™ by Viora is that the non-invasive treatment uses radio frequency energy and vacuum therapy to work with the body’s natural regeneration processes. This easy, painless treatment restores your skin’s elasticity and removes isolated fat deposits, which results in a tighter and firmer appearance to compliment your new look. The treatment may require four to eight sessions, but there is no downtime or recovery. Reaction™ by Viora can treat virtually any part of the body, including your face, neck, abdomen, back, arms and thighs.

The Viora Reaction™ treatment offers a non-surgical option to improve loose skin. While the results are not equal to surgical techniques, the improvements can be dramatic without the need for recovery after the procedure.

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