Functional Rhinoplasty: External Nasal Framework


Your nose is a complex combination of skin, cartilage, bone, and other essential nasal structures. Each of these elements plays an important role in the aesthetics and functionality of your nose. Supporting it all is the external nasal framework, the bone and cartilage that creates the shape and support for the nose. You can’t see it directly, but it is there under your skin, holding the shape of your nose and helping to maintain your airway.

Is My External Nasal Framework Causing Breathing Problems?

Breathing difficulties can have many different causes. Commonly they are due to a deviated septum or enlarged turbinates, but they can have other causes. Sometimes they are caused by structural problems within the framework of the nose. The external skeletal portion of the nose may be inadequate, twisted, or oversized. The cartilage supporting the nostrils may be weak. Rhinoplasty techniques can be used to strengthen the nasal structure and to correct abnormalities that cause breathing and aesthetic problems.

A rhinoplasty surgeon has many options available for correcting these structural abnormalities. The bone can be modified or cartilage grafts and nasal implants can be used. We can add and remove as needed to correct breathing difficulties caused by external nasal framework abnormalities.

If you have breathing difficulty, come see us. A consultation with a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon is one of the best ways to discover the root cause of your airway obstructions and to find solutions to correct the problem. Signs of a breathing difficulty include nasal congestion, mouth breathing, dry mouth, reduced sense of smell, frequent headaches, and sleep disturbances.

The Importance of a Strong Framework

Although the majority of rhinoplasties performed at MAE Plastic Surgery are cosmetic rhinoplasty, Dr. Epstein approaches each surgery as a functional rhinoplasty. His goal is to create a nose that is both aesthetically pleasing and working its best. Throughout the rhinoplasty process he’ll ensure that your external nasal framework is considered. Making cosmetic changes to the nose can alter the framework of the nose and care must be taken to correct airway obstructions during surgery as they arise. We seek aesthetic and functional perfection for each patient.

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