How to Fix a Nose Deformity After a Broken Nose

Broken nose? Come see us as soon possible. Early action can help you to minimize the chances of nasal deformities due to injury. If you have deformities caused by a past injury, we can help. Schedule your consultation at MAE Plastic Surgery today.

How Soon Do I Need to See a Doctor After a Nasal Injury?

If you’ve hurt your nose, come see us. Nasal injuries can be difficult to diagnose without the proper expertise, but can cause lasting problems if they aren’t addressed properly. If you’ve had an injury or trauma to the nose, give us a call and schedule an examination. We can help you determine if immediate treatment is needed and what the course of action is for your situation.
• Broken Nose- A broken nose occurs when one or more of the bones inside of the nose are fractured. Small breaks may heal without problem on their own, but larger breaks typically require setting and splinting, and sometimes even surgery, to heal properly. The bones are typically mobile for the first weeks after a break and we may be able to restore a normal looking appearance without the need for a future rhinoplasty. Many patients do not immediately realize that they’ve broken their nose.
• Nasal Septal Hematoma- A rare, but potentially dangerous complication from a nasal injury is a condition known as nasal septal hematoma. This occurs when blood collects and pools around the nasal septum. This can cause the cartilage to break down and can lead to lasting nasal problems if it isn’t properly addressed. If you do have a nasal septal hematoma, drainage can correct the problem and eliminate the risk for future complications. This typically occurs within 24-72 hours after a nasal injury.
Contact us after a nasal injury and we can help you determine the right time to come in for an examination. Don’t wait. It is often much easier to fix nasal injuries before the nose has fully healed.

I Have an Old Nasal Injury. What Are My Options?

Old nasal injuries can cause both aesthetic and functional changes to the nose. These changes can be treated with rhinoplasty. Dr. Epstein believes in using a functional approach to all rhinoplasties. He works to preserve and improve the airway during each rhinoplasty, aesthetic or functional.
Rhinoplasty can correct many problems caused by nasal injuries including:
• Crooked nose
• Deviated septum
• Airway blockages
• Bridge collapse
If you’ve had a nasal injury, don’t wait to see a rhinoplasty doctor. Getting treatment can help you to avoid complications. Call and schedule your examination at MAE Plastic Surgery today.