The Filler Phenomena: 3 Amazing Benefits of Fillers


Are you a filler lover or a filler newbie? Come on in to MAE Plastic Surgery and find out why dermal fillers are one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments available. Whether you want to smooth, rejuvenate, augment, or enhance, we can help you find the right filler. Keep reading to discover three amazing benefits of dermal fillers.

No Downtime- Rejuvenate and Get Right Back to Life

If you don’t have time for downtime, you do have time for fillers. Dermal fillers are one of the quickest minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments available. The treatment itself often takes 30 minutes or less and, depending on the filler, you can return to your regular activities immediately after treatment. Many patients come in for treatment on their lunch break.

After a filler treatment you may have some slight redness, bruising, and swelling, but side effects are typically minor and should resolve quickly. Downtime can vary depending on the filler used, but is often not required. We’ll help you choose the best option for your situation.

Versatile- Smooth, Lift, or Augment

We offer a wide range of filler treatments, allowing us to select the best options for your situation. Fillers are versatile and provide rejuvenation from brow to chin as they smooth wrinkles, lift sagging skin, restore lost facial volume, and more.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the many fillers we offer and their unique benefits.

  • Belotero– Smooth lines including nasolabial folds and lip lines. This filler is made from hyaluronic acid. Results last about six months.
  • Juvéderm®– Restore youthful fullness to the face, augment the lips, or smooth lines around the mouth with Juvéderm®, a hyaluronic acid filler. Results are very smooth and natural looking. Results can last up to a year.
  • Voluma– This filler is designed to restore volume to the cheek area. Results last up to two years with a single treatment.
  • Restylane®– Restylane® is a versatile filler that can be used to treat wrinkles, add volume to the lips, and more. Restylane® is a hyaluronic acid filler and helps to restore the skin’s moisture content so the layers of skin can bond tightly together.
  • Restylane® Lyft– Similar to Voluma, Restylane® Lyft restores volume to the middle face. Results are very long lasting.
  • Radiesse®– Stimulate your body’s own collagen production while filling in lines and wrinkles. This filler is an excellent option for nasolabial folds and has also been used for hand rejuvenation.
  • Sculptra®– Sculptra® is well known for its natural-looking, long-lasting results. Results appear gradually, making Sculptra® a more subtle choice. Results last about two years.

Use Alone or Pair with Other Treatments

Fillers are an excellent treatment option on their own. You can opt for a single filler on its own or a combination or fillers to achieve a rejuvenated facial appearance. Fillers also pair well with other cosmetic treatments. We commonly use fillers with BOTOX® and Dysport treatments. They can also complement surgical and non-surgical treatments like laser skin resurfacing, facelifts, and more.

Let us know! Why do you love dermal fillers?