Ditch Your Razor for a Worry-Free Summer with Laser Hair Removal

Few things ruin a potential pool day faster than prickly legs. Stay silky smooth and bikini-ready all summer long with laser hair removal in Chicago, IL. Ditch the razor with MAE Plastic Surgery!

Hair Removal- The Worst Part of Summer

There’s a lot to love about summer, but certainly not hair removal. Shaving, depilatory creams, and waxing are some of our least favorite summertime chores. A few laser hair removal treatments can significantly reduce the amount of hair on your legs, arms, underarms, tummy, or bikini area, often eliminating the need for daily shaving. What will you do with all of your extra time when you no longer have to worry about hair removal?

Hair Removal with the Diolaze Laser

There are many devices for permanent hair removal and at MAE Plastic Surgery, we searched high and low to bring you the best. We chose the Diolaze Laser for hair removal for its efficiency and safety. This is one of the best options for long lasting hair removal.

The Diolaze Laser uses a safe, but powerful diode laser to destroy the hair follicles of unwanted hair. Treated hair will naturally fall out, and doesn’t grow back. This laser has a high pulse rate and a powerful cooling system, ensuring the treatment is both efficient and as gentle as possible.

Hair cycles through different growth and dormancy stages, but the laser only treats hair in active growth. This means that you’ll need a series of treatments, spaced a few weeks apart. This ensures that all hairs in the treatment area will receive treatment during an active growth phase.

Laser Hair Removal- Will it Work for Me?

Laser hair removal can be a highly effective option for reducing or eliminating unwanted hair. At MAE Plastic Surgery we perform laser hair removal treatments frequently and can often achieve good results, even on hard to treat patients.

The best candidates for laser hair removal have light to medium skin and dark hair. Lighter hair, including blonde and gray hair, can be difficult to treat using laser because of the way these treatments work. The laser energy targets the pigment in the hair, and cannot work if there isn’t sufficient natural pigment in the hair. Come in for a consultation and we’ll help you decide if you’re a good candidate for treatment with our Diolaze Laser for hair removal. We treat many skin types and colors with effective results.

This treatment is highly effective and many patients will not ever need to shave again. Some patients will experience regrowth, often many months or years after their initial treatment series. This growth is generally finer and lighter than your natural hair. We can touch up your results with a follow-up treatment if needed.

Our hair removal treatments are effective on both men and women. We treat the face and many areas of the body including the back, legs, abdomen, underarms, bikini area, and chest.

Preparing for a Laser Hair Removal Treatment at MAE Plastic Surgery

Laser hair removal doesn’t require much preparation, but if you want results this summer, you’ll need to hurry in. It takes time to achieve full hair reduction. These tips will help you prep for your first treatment.

  • No Tanning or Using Artificial Tanners- The laser targets the melanin in your hair, the same melanin that is found in tanned skin. Don’t tan for several weeks before or after treatment. Artificial tanners can also interfere with the laser’s effectiveness.
  • Shave, but Don’t Wax or Tweeze- Shaving is a go before a laser treatment, and in many cases improves results, but avoid waxing or tweezing. Since waxing removes the hair at the root, there is nothing for the laser to target or treat. Skip the wax and opt for a razor until you achieve your full results.
  • Stick to Your Treatment Schedule- Precise attention to your treatment schedule is essential to achieve the best results. Hair cycles through growth phases and if you’re skipping or rescheduling sessions, you may miss treating some hairs during their optimal treatment window. We’ll help you create an appointment schedule for hair removal during your consultation.

Stop worrying about unwanted hair and enjoy your summer silky smooth and worry-free. Laser hair removal at MAE Plastic Surgery is one of our favorite ways to prep for bikini season. Call us today and learn more about laser hair removal with the Diolaze Laser in Chicago, IL.