Choosing the Best Breast Implant: CCs vs. Bra Cup Size

When your natural breasts aren’t the size you desire, breast implants can help you achieve your ideal appearance. However, finding the right shape and size isn’t as straightforward as going from a B cup to a D cup. This guide will help you navigate implant sizing to create breasts you’ll love.

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How Bra Sizing Works

As you know, your bra size is a number-letter combination (band + cup size). The band size is the measurement around the chest, while the cup size is a measurement of breast volume. For convenience, one way to determine your cup size is by measuring around the breasts and calculating the difference between this number and bandwidth. This measurement equates to a letter, like A, B, C, D, etc. While this method may seem easy, it isn’t always accurate.

Additionally, each manufacturer has different size guidelines, which can vary significantly. This size discrepancy explains why you can have two identically sized bras with dramatically different fits. You may find that C cup bras fit best in one brand, while B cups are a better fit in another.

Understanding Breast Implant Sizing

Breast implants come in CCs, short for cubic centimeters. Implants are available in a wide range of sizes, starting around 100 ccs and going up to around 1,000 ccs. Most women choose breast implants in the 300 to 400 cc range when the implants are submuscular and 200-300 cc range when they are placed in the subglandular position.

Size isn’t the only factor to determine breast appearance. Projection is crucial, too. Projection is the amount the implant extends off the chest wall. Two identically sized implants can create a dramatically different breast shape depending on the projection. Low-profile implants have a wide base and project less. High-profile implants have a smaller base and greater projection.

Your Natural Breast Size Impacts Your Implant Size

Imagine a woman with natural B cup breasts wants to size up to a D cup through augmentation. This woman will need a smaller implant than a woman with A cup breasts who wants to achieve the same size.

Your surgeon will use factors like chest wall size, aesthetic goals, and your natural amount of breast tissue to choose an implant shape and size.

Forget About Size – It’s the Look That Matters

What do you hope your breasts will look like after breast augmentation? When you come in for your consultation, we’ll talk a lot about your goals for breast surgery. It helps Dr. Epstein to see photos of breasts you love. Spend some time thumbing through magazines to find pictures of perfectly sized breasts and bring these to your consultation.

Remember, bra sizes are merely a number. What matters is how your breasts will look after augmentation. Let’s work together to create a look you love. Your surgical team will be an essential resource as you navigate CCs vs. bra cup sizes.

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