Labiaplasty Surgery

Some women may be born with or develop loose skin or excess fatty tissue in their pubic area. A labiaplasty in Chicago may improve the appearance of the pubic area by removing loose skin or fat. For some women, an enlarged labia may cause discomfort with certain activities or inhibit sexual activity. In many cases, these problems can be treated with a labia surgery.  Dr. Michael Epstein performs labiaplasty in Chicago and the surrounding areas of Evanston and Buffalo Grove, IL.

How is Labiaplasty in Chicago performed?

Sedation anesthesia is administered so that the patient will not feel any pain. The doctors will cut away excess tissue in the labia minora in order to reduce the size of the labia. If the labia majora is enlarged, it can be reduced by liposuction or excision. The entire procedure can take about one hour to perform.

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Who is a good candidate for Labiaplasty?

Women who have fullness in their pubic area, loose skin or a combination of the two may be considered for a labiaplasty procedure.

Are there any risks involved with Labia Surgery?

There is a low risk of bleeding associated with this surgery. Patients may notice some swelling and bruising in the pubic area shortly after undergoing this procedure in Chicago

What can be expected after Labia surgery in Chicago?

Patients must abstain from having intercourse for four to six weeks after this surgery. A follow-up exam at our Northbrook office will be required in order to make sure there are no problems that arise from the labiaplasty surgery. Some tenderness might be present in the area, and this normally subsides within the first two weeks.

Labiaplasty in Chicago is typically performed as an outpatient surgery and may be combined with other plastic surgery procedures. Most women are able to return to work within a few days.

How long will the results last?

The results of labiaplasty can be expected to be permanent. Even so, significant weight change and the natural aging process can change the results over time.

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