Cellulite Rigotomy and Fat Transfer (CRAFT) – Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is the appearance of unsightly dimpled and lumpy skin on areas like the buttocks, legs, and thighs. Cellulite affects 85-98% of women, and is caused by a wide number of factors, from genetics, hormonal changes, weight gain, changes in diet, and more. Despite the prevalence of cellulite treatments, there aren’t that many procedures that get to the root of the problem. There are several forms of cellulite.  The wavy, “orange peel” cellulite forms when the subcutaneous fatty deposits under our skin starts to push out, creating tension on the vertical connective tissue holding on to the skin called septa.   Another type of cellulite, the “crater type” which usually forms on the buttocks, is caused by dense bands that tether the skin down to the underlying muscle, creating deep dimples.  This type is also referred to as “gluteal retractions”.

One of the latest and most sophisticated cellulite treatments available is the Cellulite Rigotomy and Fat Transfer treatment, also known as CRAFT. Through this state-of-the-art combination procedure, patients can now have minimally invasive cellulite reduction that offers long-lasting results.  This technique is used for the “crater type” cellulite usually found on the buttocks and upper thigh.

CRAFT combines the procedure of Rigotomy with a fat transfer to create a smoother body contour and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Fat transfer is a procedure that uses fatty tissue extracted from another part of your body and then inserts it to the treatment area to add volume. Because it uses your own tissue, fat transfers are incredibly safe and the results look natural. Since fat transfer also removes fat from areas with extra fat to donate, the CRAFT treatment uniquely allows for extensive body contouring along with cellulite reduction.

CRAFT - Cellulite Treatment Details

The CRAFT cellulite treatment is performed using only local anesthesia. Your cellulite reduction treatment begins with Rigotomy, a procedure where a very fine needle will be inserted into the skin and then used to puncture and release the tethering band. This releases the tension on the skin, and thus, the appearance of cellulite.

The next part of your treatment involves fat transfer. First, an area of your choice will be removed using liposuction. Then the fat will be processed and cleaned to prepare it for insertion. Then, a small needle will be used to strategically inject fat to contour the treatment area.

Who Are Good Candidates for CRAFT Cellulite Treatment?

This minimally invasive cellulite treatment is safe and effective; any individual in relatively good health or close to their ideal weight is an ideal candidate for the CRAFT cellulite treatment.

Recovery from Cellulite Treatment

Since rigotomy is minimally invasive and fat transfer treatments only require small incisions, your CRAFT treatment should have a very short recovery—you won’t even need to restrict any activities after the treatment.

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