7 Things You Didn’t Know About BOTOX®

We all know what BOTOX® is and the wonders it does on wrinkles. In fact, just hearing the name “BOTOX®” makes you picture an adult woman clinging to her youth while a tiny needle aimed between her eyebrows works some serious magic. Or maybe you’re imagining a BOTOX® party with an excited group of forty-something’s drinking champagne and listening to Wilson Phillips, eagerly awaiting the erasure of any evidence their true age leaves behind.

The following are all realistic scenarios, and while we as plastic surgeons specialize in the use of BOTOX® solely for anti-aging purposes, down the road you may decide to treat other areas of concern with BOTOX® treatments from the appropriate specialists. This list will provide you with potential forms of treatment if that day should ever come.

  1. Pain in the Brain
    As of 2010, the FDA has approved BOTOX® as a treatment for migraines and people that suffer from headaches at least 10-15 times a month. Doctors who use this cutting edge treatment have reported life-changing effects for patients with pain in the brain.
  2. Sweaty No More
    When topical treatments just don’t do the trick, people are turning to BOTOX® to relieve them of incessant sweating in specific areas. Also known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating is uncomfortable and can be embarrassing, but BOTOX® can help.
  3. Speak Like an Angel
    Laryngeal Dysphonia, or Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD), is a disorder impairing one’s ability to properly produce sounds from the vocal cords. Vocal exercises won’t provide lasting effects but BOTOX® can. Under local anesthesia, the procedure takes about 10 minutes and has been proven as an effective treatment for SD and vocal spasms.
  4. BOTOX® vs. Asthma
    Though it is still in the trial stages, researchers and experts are determining if BOTOX® can be used as a treatment for Asthma. It is expected that BOTOX® has the ability to relax the muscle controlling the voice box, which will in turn relieve asthmatic symptoms and become a revolutionary, long overdue, new approach to treating asthma patients.
  5. BOTOX® Battles a Busy Bladder
    One of the most common problems faced with age is an overactive bladder and while there are medications out there to treat it, BOTOX® is proving to drastically improve the quality of life for those battling an overactive bladder.
    Oh, and it can last for up to 24 weeks!
  6. Treatment? How about Prevention!
    More and more, people in their twenties are getting BOTOX®, but it’s not for treating wrinkles, instead they are interested in preventing them. BOTOX® works to relax specific muscles, reduces their range of motion and over time, decreases the prevalence of lines.
  7. Beat Those Stinky Feet
    Do your feet smell? If so, you’re not the only one and stinky feet are directly linked to moisture building up in socks and shoes. As mentioned before, BOTOX® has been proven to treat hyperhidrosis; therefore, it also has the ability to treat those smelly feet!

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