Everything You Need to Know About Functional Rhinoplasty

Breathe easier with functional rhinoplasty. If you suffer from frequent nosebleeds, dry mouth (caused by nasal congestion), noisy breathing, bad breath, frequent headaches, or recurrent sinus infections, you may have a nasal obstruction. Rhinoplasty isn’t just a cosmetic procedure. Functional rhinoplasty can restore your ability to breathe, and can also make cosmetic changes or retain your nose’s natural appearance.

Functional rhinoplasty vs. cosmetic rhinoplasty- what’s the difference?

Functional and cosmetic rhinoplasties are often separated into two distinct categories: one addresses breathing problems and the other addresses cosmetic issues. However, these procedures generally go hand in hand.

During a cosmetic rhinoplasty, any functional issues should be addressed. Dr. Epstein performs every rhinoplasty with an end goal of improving and maintaining nasal function, even if the procedure is a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Often, functional issues will arise during a cosmetic rhinoplasty, requiring correction to maintain proper breathing. Likewise, some patients with functional issues opt for a few cosmetic tweaks during their functional rhinoplasty. Our goal is to help your nose look and function at its best.

Will I look different after functional rhinoplasty?

This question is commonly asked by our patients during their rhinoplasty consultation. The answer really depends on what you want and your goal for treatment. Often, we can improve the airway without making noticeable changes to the outward appearance of the nose.

More commonly, patients want to change both the appearance and function of the nose. For these patients, we make both cosmetic and functional changes. If you want a change in your appearance, rhinoplasty can provide it. If not, we may be able to improve your breathing without a change in your look.

Discover what you’ll look like after rhinoplasty by scheduling a consultation with us. We use state-of-the-art computer imaging to show patients what their potential rhinoplasty results may look like.

Look better and breathe easier with rhinoplasty. If you are experiencing signs of a blocked nasal airway, come see us and learn if functional rhinoplasty is right for you.