What is Otoplasty?

An otoplasty (commonly referred to as ear surgery) is performed to set prominent ears back closer to the head or to reduce the size of large ears.  Dr. Epstein performs ear surgery to patients in Chicago and the surrounding areas like Evanston and Buffalo Grove, IL.

Before & After Gallery

Be sure to view our Before and After Photo Gallery of ear surgery procedures to see real patient results at MAE Plastic Surgery.

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How is Ear Surgery in Chicago performed?

Otoplasty in Chicago is an outpatient surgical procedure performed at our facility, Northbrook Plastic Surgery. A small incision is made in the back of the ear to expose the ear cartilage. The cartilage will then be sculpted and bent back toward the head. Stitches will be used to maintain the new shape.

Another ear surgery technique that can be performed is by placing a small incision in the back of the ear, the skin is removed and stitches are used to fold the cartilage back onto itself to reshape the ear. It is not necessary to remove any cartilage for this technique.  The otoplasty procedure takes approximately 2 to 3 hours, but may vary depending on the complexity of the case.

What to expect during the recovery period:

  • The head will be wrapped in a bandage for several days to promote the best healing and molding.
  • Ears may ache or throb a little for the first few days, but can be controlled with medication.
  • Stitches will be removed or will dissolve in approximately 1 week.
  • Any activity involving the ear being bent should be avoided for at least 4 weeks.

Scheduling your Chicago Ear Surgery consultation

If you are considering Otoplasty in Chicago, call our Northbrook office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Epstein.  Dr. Epstein will go over your reasons for getting an otoplasty including your expectations to decide if the surgery is right for you.  Dr. Epstein performs otoplasty for patients in and outside of Chicago.  His practice is located just 8 Miles East of Wheeling and 4 miles South of Highland Park, IL.  Call us today to set up your personalized Otoplasty consultation.