If you are African American and wish to alter the appearance of your nose, Dr. Epstein can help. He has performed many Rhinoplasty procedures for African American patients.

It is important to take ethnicity into account when performing Rhinoplasty, as your nose should look like it belongs to you – meaning it is compatible with the rest of your face and properly proportioned. Most people do not want their noses to call attention to themselves; they simply want their noses to complement their other features.

Many African American patients wish to make their nose narrower and less flat, but this should be done in a way that does not sacrifice facial symmetry. Many other issues can be corrected such as a broken nose, crooked nose, hump on the nose, depressions on the nose, and large nostrils.

If you wish to make your nose less flat, cartilage grafts may be necessary to build the new shape. The cartilage can often be taken from other parts of the internal nose structure, but sometimes, cartilage must be taken from the ear. If this is necessary, Dr. Epstein will discuss it with you during your consultation.

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If you also have breathing problems, a functional Rhinoplasty can be performed at the same time as your cosmetic Rhinoplasty to correct these issues. Obstructions to breathing might involve a deviated septum, nasal polyps, nasal valve correction, or turbinate reduction.

Dr. Epstein is a well-respected expert in Rhinoplasty techniques. During your consultation and preparation for surgery, he will explain everything that you can expect from the procedure, including his surgical plan and what will happen during recovery. He will spend as much time as necessary with you to discuss your options and help you to feel comfortable about your decision.

Please review our general Rhinoplasty page for more detailed information about how the surgery is performed. The procedure is usually done using local anesthetic and deep sedation where you will be continuously monitored by a board-certified anesthesiologist in our accredited office-based surgical facility.

Computer digital imaging – your ideal nose!

As part of your Rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Epstein uses an advanced computer-imaging software program to help you visualize the potential surgical outcome. After speaking with you to gain a better understanding of your goals and expectations, Dr. Epstein will take several pictures of your nose from different angles, upload them onto a computer, and work with the software to help visualize what may be necessary to correct your specific issue. Additionally, a 3D image can be taken for the purpose of digital imaging. Together, these images will help explain why and how the procedure is performed.

It is important to remember that manipulated Rhinoplasty photos through digital imaging do not guarantee those specific results, but they will ensure that both you and Dr. Epstein share a common surgical goal and that the expectations are realistic.

After the imaging is complete, Dr. Epstein will upload the images to a private password-protected program called TouchMD. This will allow you (and your family members, if you choose) to review the information given at the consult from home. In the majority of cases, patients have found that their actual Rhinoplasty results are very close to the digital images that the surgeon produced.

What to expect during the Rhinoplasty recovery period

For more information about what to expect from recovery, see our general Rhinoplasty page. We will do everything we can to help you through this period, including providing pain medication.

Light activity can be resumed in a few days, and full activity can be resumed in 3-4 weeks.

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