Sagging, aging skin is not inevitable for everyone. Dr. Michael Epstein of MAE Plastic Surgery has developed a revolutionary skin tightening treatment that can tighten loose skin and excess fat without the need for major invasive surgery. MAE Plastic Surgery introduces SkinTite, a less invasive skin tightening option that lifts and tightens skin.

What is SkinTite?

SkinTite is a skin-tightening treatment designed to improve the overall contour of the target area. SkinTite is a combination of two popular cosmetic procedures, liposculpting and radio frequency skin tightening, to remove excess fat and improve skin laxity.

How Does SkinTite Work?

Excess or aged skin can sag and lose its shapely, more youthful, contour. SkinTite can not only reduce excess skin, but it can also diminish unwanted pockets of fat in the target area. Dr. Epstein will apply local anesthesia and put the patient under light sedation before the procedure. He will then use a small cannula to gently remove unwanted fat in the target area. A radio-frequency treatment will then be used to encourage skin contraction without the need for surgery. The SkinTite procedure is about the average length of a liposuction treatment and has no post-procedure bruising and swelling.

Who are Ideal Candidates for SkinTite?

This innovative treatment is a wonderful solution for individuals who have sagging skin with or without unwanted pockets of fat. The best candidates for SkinTite are those in relatively good health.

Patients with excess fat and moderate to poor skin elasticity can benefit from SkinTite treatments, especially if the individuals present with early signs of aging and would like to reduce prominent signs of aging can find SkinTite (RFAL) helpful.

What is the Recovery of SkinTite Procedure Like?

SkinTite does not require a recovery or downtime. Although the treatment is minimally invasive, it does not leave incision scars. Patients will barely experience any swelling and bruising after the treatment. Patients can go home and resume normal activities shortly after the procedure.

Patients can see immediate results, but they can enjoy the outcome of their SkinTite treatment fully after six to 12 weeks.

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