3 Body Contouring Procedures to Transform Your Shape Before Summer

It’s summer body crunch time. If you haven’t achieved your ideal shape yet, you’re running out of time. The weather’s warming up, and pool season will be here before you know it. Hurry into MAE Plastic Surgery for these fast-acting body transformations.


If you have trouble spots, listen up. Liposuction is one of our favorite treatments for stubborn fat deposits. It will smooth away your love handles and muffin top in time for summer.

Liposuction manually removes fat from the body. After creating small incisions, Dr. Epstein uses suction to carefully dislodge and remove unwanted fat cells. These fat cells won’t regenerate, and you’ll experience a permanent change in your body contours. Since liposuction can benefit almost anywhere on your body, we can customize your treatment to provide fat removal right where you need it.

Liposuction results are almost instant, but you’ll still want to plan. Bruising and swelling can occur. We recommend scheduling your liposuction surgery a month or two before you want to see results.


Less invasive than liposuction, but no less effective, our BodyTite treatment is one of our favorite summer body shapers. Fat removal and skin tightening combine to provide unrivaled body contouring results.

BodyTite uses a technology called radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis to administer radiofrequency energy over and under the skin while removing fat. The RF energy remodels and tightens the skin, while fat removal creates enviable curves.

While liposuction is ideal for fat removal, it doesn’t tighten skin. BodyTite works on both fat and skin laxity, making it an ideal choice for patients with stubborn fat pockets and loosening skin. If you have sagging skin, you’ll likely achieve better results with BodyTite than with liposuction.

Results appear quickly. You’ll see an immediate improvement to your contours as BodyTite removes fat. Skin remodeling takes a little longer, but early signs are typically visible a few weeks after treatment.

Body FX

Cellulite and bikinis don’t mix. Instead of covering up your derriere to hide your bumpy, puckered skin, try Body FX instead. Body FX is a long-lasting laser treatment that shapes and smooths cellulite-affected skin.

This treatment combines radiofrequency, deep tissue heat, and suction coupled with negative pressure to reduce the unsightly appearance of cellulite. Results appear quickly and are long-lasting. Body FX is non-surgical and requires minimal downtime. Many patients won’t need any time off work and can resume their regular activities on the very same day.

Results take time, so we suggest starting as soon as possible if you want to enjoy your results this summer. We recommend a series of eight weekly treatments to start. Results should start to appear after the first few treatments.

This summer is going to be hot (and we aren’t talking about the weather). Call MAE Plastic Surgery in Chicago, IL, at (847) 205-1680. Our body contouring treatments can tighten, smooth, and shape your bikini body to perfection.