Rhinoplasty is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures worldwide, but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple endeavor. Although your nose is a relatively small part of the body, it contains cartilage and other intricate structures that make it possible for you to breathe properly. The inner structures, coupled with its aesthetic features, make the nose a complex body part for a surgeon to work on.

If done incorrectly, Rhinoplasty can damage the tissues within the nose and worsen existing breathing issues or actually cause breathing problems to develop. In some cases, the altered structure of the nose can collapse, causing a misshapen appearance of the nose. When a previous Rhinoplasty fails, revision Rhinoplasty is often required, which can be painful, time consuming and expensive

For this reason, surgery to correct breathing issues or improve the appearance of your nose is complex and requires extensive experience and training. Not all plastic surgeons have the necessary education, experience, and skill to perform Rhinoplasty successfully.

Furthermore, differences in ethnicity and gender come into play when performing cosmetic Rhinoplasty. A good surgeon will help you understand that while you may love a particular celebrity’s nose, that nose may not look right for your individual face shape. Your nose should look like it belongs to you – in proportion to, and in harmony with your other facial features. Most people do not want to draw attention to their noses. They simply want their noses to “fit” their faces and enhance the look of other features like their eyes, cheekbones, and mouths.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions

When choosing a Rhinoplasty surgeon, you should make sure that he or she affords an open, friendly, and welcoming environment where you can feel free to ask questions. If the surgeon does not want to answer your inquiries or is evasive, be skeptical. A good surgeon will spend time with you to help you understand what the surgery will involve and what you can expect.

In our practice, Dr. Epstein has found that well-informed patients are more likely to feel satisfied before, during, and after the procedure. Therefore, he likes to spend plenty of time with each individual to make sure that he and the patient are on the same page.

Does the surgeon use computer imaging software?

Yes, at our practice, Dr. Epstein uses the Vectra 3D imaging camera and software to perform the imaging. This technology makes it possible to “try on” or see yourself with your new nose prior to having the actual surgery. Dr. Epstein will take an image of your face, and create a digital version of your face with your projected new nose.

This will then be loaded into your private password-protected file on TouchMD, where you can view these images from home at your leisure. Then, you can discuss your choices with your family.

Check the surgeon’s experience, education, and reviews

Your surgeon must be board-certified and should belong to professional societies. He or she should have specific medical training in Rhinoplasty techniques as well as experience performing successful nose surgeries on a wide variety of patients.

Successful surgeons should also have patient reviews on websites like RealSelf as well as before and after photos on the practice website. Look for reviews by other patients who have had Rhinoplasty with the surgeon, so you can see if they were satisfied with the result. Remember, it is not enough to find a surgeon who is exclusively successful at performing other types of plastic surgery.

Dr. Epstein’s credentials

Dr. Epstein is a board-certified surgeon who has been well known for many years as a Rhinoplasty expert. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Rhinoplasty Society.

He has performed countless successful functional and cosmetic rhinoplasties, including corrections of a variety of complex issues. His goal is to ensure optimal functioning of the nose while also improving its appearance.

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