tummy tuck in chicago illinoisAn Abdominoplasty (commonly called a tummy tuck) is one of our most commonly performed body contouring surgeries. It is designed to flatten a protruding abdomen by tightening the muscles in the abdominal wall and removing excess fatty tissue and skin. Liposuction is usually used with the procedure to remove fat.

A tummy tuck in Chicago can help you look dramatically slimmer. It is not a substitute for weight loss, however. Patients who are near their ideal weight will experience the best results. Patients visit our surgeons from all over Chicago and the surrounding areas of Highland Park and Evanston for tummy tuck surgery.

Note, too, that a tummy tuck does not correct stretch marks. If they are located in areas where there is excess skin, however, the marks will be removed along with that skin. Some of our female patients combine a tummy tuck with a breast augmentation or breast lift for a more complete contoured shape.

Abdominoplasty is popular with both men and women. For women who have had children, it can repair abdominal muscles that stretched during pregnancy and childbirth. Women should postpone a tummy tuck until after they have finished having children, as a subsequent pregnancy could reverse some of the results of the surgery.

Before & After Gallery

Be sure to view our Before and After Photo Gallery of tummy tuck procedures to see real patient results at MAE Plastic Surgery.

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Why do men and women seek Abdominoplasty?

If you have stubborn fat or loose skin in the abdominal area that does not change despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, a tummy tuck can address these issues. It eliminates excess skin and fat, and it repairs stretched muscles.

How is an Abdominoplasty in Chicago performed?

Abdominoplasty is an outpatient surgical procedure performed at our facility in Northbrook. Every surgery is highly customized, but generally speaking, one incision is made around the belly button, and another incision is made from hip to hip, usually below the bikini line. The entire abdominal wall is tightened with sutures, the excess skin is excised, and the fat is removed using Liposuction.

The Liposuction portion of the procedure is performed using a tube called a cannula, which is inserted through a small incision. The cannula is then attached to a suction device that carefully removes the fatty tissue.

The belly button may be repositioned, and the incisions are usually closed using dissolvable sutures. The shape and size of the incision will be determined by the degree of correction necessary. This is usually dependent on the amount of loose skin that must be excised.

A tummy tuck takes approximately 2 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the case.

What to expect during Tummy Tuck recovery:

  • Our patients usually stay overnight with us, as we provide one-on-one nursing care to watch over you that first night. Your family can stay at home and rest comfortably knowing you are well cared for.
  • We use Exparel at the time of surgery, which is a slow-release, long-acting numbing medication that lasts for three days, making sure that your recovery is as comfortable as possible.
  • Bruising, swelling, and tightness are normal after tummy tuck surgery. These symptoms will subside within 1-2 weeks after your surgery, after which you will see your results.
  • Discomfort and tenderness are also normal and easily controlled with oral medication.
  • Slight numbness in the abdominal area is to be expected and may last as long as 6 months to 1 year.
  • In the rare event that drains are used to capture post-surgical fluids, they will remain for 3-7 days after surgery.
  • In most cases, sutures dissolve on their own.
  • A compression garment must be worn for 3-4 weeks after surgery to reduce swelling.
  • You can return to light activity within 1 day after surgery.
  • Most Chicago patients return to work in 1-2 weeks after surgery.
  • Full physical activity may resume within 4-6 weeks after surgery.
  • Incision lines will continue to heal and refine for 1 year after surgery.

The results of your tummy tuck are long-lasting, especially if you avoid substantial weight gain, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.

Scheduling your Tummy Tuck consultation

If you have or may be considering tummy tuck surgery, we recommend contacting our Northbrook office to schedule your personal consultation with one of our surgeons. We serve the needs of many patients in Chicago looking to get a tummy tuck surgery. Our office is located just 9 miles east of Wheeling and Buffalo Grove, IL. Call today to see if a tummy tuck is right for you!